When I first started turning I wanted to make pieces as were made for the Kings and Queens back in the 17th and 18th centuries.  I found the machines used had all but disappeared so it was necessary to make my own.  Ornamental Turning known as OT is a time consuming task needing specialized equipment.

There are examples of MDF based machines on the internet and a little research is needed to venture into this area of turning.



Ornamental Rose Engine No. 7                          Ornamental Lathe No. 9


Lidded OT box  with centerless finial                 Lidded OT oval box with

Rose design inside and sine wave lid.                crankshaft finial and unique



Matching Pair made by rocking and                  FORBIDDEN FRUIT

pumping on No 7.                                            OT jacaranda bowl,     

                                                                      jacaranda, hairy oak

                                                                      and mahogany fruit.



Coasters with various rosette designs.                 Lidded Box




















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