Boxes are something I have been involved with since 2003.I saw a member of our club, Fred Carey, demonstrating at a local Bunnings store.  Went home convinced my wife I had to spend some money, joined a local Woodworking Club and the rest is History.  Ever since 2003 I have been an active member of the special interest machinery group in the Bayside club where we make lots of forms of boxes as projects to teach members skills and the safe use of club equipment.


Inspired from a works in 400 wood                    Desk Caddy to hold all

boxes. dovetailed acute angles.                       normal use items such as

                                                                       sticky tape (bottom drawer).



CLUB PROJECT                                                  BANDSAW BOX

This was a project that I set for                        The bandsaw enables boxes

the machinery group.                                       to be made in a large variety

                                                                       of shapes and sizes. See page


CLUB PROJECT                                                 CLUB PROJECT

This box was designed a week                          I designed this box based on a

 ahead of the many machinery                         photo taken by one of the

 group members who made it.                          Bayside woodies members,

                                                                       Bruce Sanderson 



Exploding Box   I designed this based on the idea of a box that Laurie Gwynn




Jewel  A segmented box                                   Min.Chest of Drawers



Japanese Gifkins Style                                    Segmented and Chest


Bayside Members Variations



Paradise Box



lay down and go like hell.




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