I have been making art from wood for well over a decade as well as engaging in other activities such as Billy Cart Racing.


I have included the links to videos that I have posted on you tube which you may find of interest





The Garden


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The Garden is a Kinetic Sculpture using a wheel design by Clayton Boyer for his Marigold Sculpture and advancing the concept into a garden of flowers.


Falling Water


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Falling Water is intended to give the idea of a waterfall or cascade of water.  It has 18 wheels all of which are a different size.


Wild Birds

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Mumma Bird is taking the babies for their first training flight, and being young kids they are playing up behind her back.




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Colibri is a Derek Hugger design to which I have made a slight modification to run with a 7rpm motor.  The plans are available from



Short Video of Pegasus in Motion

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Pegasus was voted No. 1 as the winner in the Brisbane City Council Salvage Recycled Art Competition 2016. 



                       The Making of Pegasus

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This video documents the making of Pegasus.


Marble Machine Madness

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     I made a series of marble run machines as an exercize in testing

     how various mechanisms worked.


Marble Clock  

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This is the Marble Clock that I created.  It keeps time to within 1-2 minutes per year.



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Designed by Clayton Boyer and Robert Hains.   Built by Robert Hains


Ornamental Lathe

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     This video was made to show a friend how to pump and rock using a

     modified Jet Mini Lathe as a Rose Engine.  The machine now operates

     using Laboratory power supplies and a series of small electric motors.


Big Bird

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     A Kinetic Sculpture with a run time of 20 minutes.



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     A 4 legged walking dog using modified principals of Theo Jansens 12 holy numbers.



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     A Kinetic Sculpture with a run time of around one hour.


Tip Turkey

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The Tip Turkey was my entry as one of 14 finalists in the Brisbane City Council Recycled Art Competition for 2015.  It achieved the "silver" with a 2nd place in the competition.


Art In Wood.

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     Bayside Woodturners and Woodcrafters Art in Wood, held at Yurara Art

     Gallery on 22nd-23rd Nov 2014.



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     Illusion is a Kinetic Sculpture for which I have used the principles of

     Optical Illusion to create a strange effect when the wheels spin.




Come and visit again soon as I will post more videos for you to view.

Keep makin shavings         Bob

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