Kinetic Sculpture is an art form that I came across about two years ago.  It fascinated me and as a friend says I have been on a journey every since.   I started out with a 20 year old scroll saw, and since then have upgraded to a new scroll saw and also a CNC machine which cuts down on the labour on large pieces.





Pegasus  was voted 1st as the winner as one of the ten finalists in the Brisbane City Council Recycled Art Competition for 2016.  It is made from a broken lectern, a chair, a school desk and a bookcase.


KINESTRATA, which means layered                   WHIRLY, designed by 

motion.  A Derek Hugger design it                     Robert Hains and  

was the first Kinetic Sculpture                          Clayton  Boyer. Click here

I built.  It took 145 hours to                              to purchase plans.



Marble Run machines to test                             MARBLE RUN CLOCK

ideas.                                                             using the Kinestrata wheel

                                                                      lift principal  developed

                                                                      in the various machines.

                                                                      Build time - 300 hours.


ZINNIA, a design by  Clayton Boyer                   CLOVER, based on the 

with a table mount designed by me                  spring  motor concept, re

to complement the shape of the                     -designed  wheels and a  wheels.                                                           unique table mount.


TIP TURKEY. A design developed for the Brisbane City Council Recycled Art Competition 2015.  The idea was based on the Australian White Ibis which is 750mm long, has a black head, beak and neck, black legs and black wing tips.  I called it the Tip Turkey because it frequents refuse sites like the council tips.  It finished in 2nd place in the competition. Not too bad for a beginner.  Next year I will have to try again

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STEAMPUNK IMPULSE ENGINE                            DOG, which I designed

by Clayton Boyer. A great but                           using the principles of the

rather noisy machine.                                      Theo Jansen parallel arm 

                                                                       mech. I  modified the 12

                                                                       holy numbers and managed

                                                                       to make the robot type

                                                                       design walk on 4 legs.


BIG BIRD, designed because a friend                 ANNULATION, a design by

loved the idea of something like this.               Derek Hugger. but table

                                                                       instead of wall mounted.


GALILEO'S BICYCLE,                                          ECLIPSE, a design based

a Clayton Boyer  design.                                   on a GB escape mechanism

                                                                       but  developed  into a large

                                                                       wall sculpture.


SPACE TIME CONTINIUM by                                COGITATION

Clayton Boyer, modified by me to                     A Clayton Boyer design   

make it  spring driven and table 


CHAOS, named by a friend who said it                GIANT WHIRLY.

has to be Chaos because it is                              modified optical illusion.

mysterious dark and totally



ROSIE'S BIRD Built especially for a

friend who likes the earthy brown



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